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n.p.s.s. toolbox

numerical propulsion system simulation

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A NASA software, the Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS) software has been used in the design of all aircraft engines in the United States for the last twenty years. NPSS is a unitary dimensional air-breathing engine design software that provides detailed engine performance and operating parameters in the conceptual and preliminary design phases.

As part of joint effort between Research in Flight and NASA Glenn and Langley Reseach Centers (LARC), NPSS has been integrated into FlightStream® as an add-on UI toolbox that allows quick access to the most typical engine types used in commercial and military aerospace programs.

The NPSS toolbox in FlightStream® allows you to generate engine design and off-design performance data in either a standalone mode or as part of a FlightStream®-NPSS design environment, where the NPSS output and boundary parameters are used as inputs to the various flow boundaries in the FlightStream® solver. Examples include the specification of velocity inlet faces in FlightStream® via the NPSS inlet design parameters; Specification of velocity exhaust faces simulating engine exhaust jets; Simulating of various bleed-ports in the engine that are then fed into secondary flow systems such as for blown flaps and boundary layer control.

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Connect your velocity and mass-flow boundaries to the NPSS inlet components

Connect your exhaust jet boundaries to the NPSS nozzle components

Simulate on-design or off-design engine conditions and simulate the flow

Advanced post-processing and data analysis of engine inflow conditions

solver sweeper

automated data collection, analysis & export

The Solver Sweeper is our automation to ease the laborious task of collecting data from your simulation. The work of setting up your simulation is only half the story. The other half is to extract large sweeps of data for range of flow conditions and vectors. Indeed, this is the part where you would write a script to collect the data in the background while you do more important things. We recognized this need and further removed the need for you to write a script! Instead, use FlightStream®'s Solver Sweeper to do the task. Open the toolbox, pick the sweep ranges, and click the launch button...and watch as the spreadsheet is populated while FlightStream runs automatically!

The Solver Sweeper ships with every version of FlightStream®, and is accessible to students, educators and all field engineers who are building the next big thing!

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Automated aerodynamic loads, moments and forces in any user coordinate system

Generate large angle-of-attack, side-slip and velocity sweeps in minutes

stabilty & control toolbox


If you are a Stability & Control (S&C) engineer, then your needs are very different from that of someone investigating flow physics using CFD. What you probably need is fast access, with limited user load, to the S&C parameters, coefficients and derivatives. To this end, we have designed the S&C toolbox in FlightStream®

As part of the joint effort between Research in Flight and DARCorporation, the S&C toolbox has been created for FlightStream® as an add-on UI toolbox that allows quick access to all of the S&C engineer's needs. This one-stop shop allows you to compute all the loads, moments, static and dynamic derivatives and more by one click of a button.

Take the FlightStream® solution for your geometry and get the data you really need!

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Compute static and dynamic derivatives automatically on your simulation

Compute data in any user-defined coordinate system

Customized derivatives and analysis functions

Export spreadsheets of S&C data from your flow solutions