Research in Flight is excited to announce that it has been acquired by Altair.
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An all-in-one, vorticity-based, fluid simulation platform for efficient analysis and design.

Higher Fidelity vs VLM & Emprical Methods

Lower Complexity vs CFD

Improved Engineering Analysis!

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    FlightStream® revolutionizes aerodynamic design and analysis, offering solutions for a variety of vehicles from subsonic to hypersonic. Its unstructured surface-mesh solver and intuitive GUI reduce time and complexity compared to traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solvers.

    Versatile and powerful, FlightStream® seamlessly integrates with CAD software and excels in aerospace, marine, and alternative energy applications, delivering high-fidelity results with minimal mesh size and user input. FlightStream® enables aerodynamic analysis and efficient aircraft conceptual design, providing invaluable insights into aircraft performance and stability.

Modern aerodynamics software for engineering design

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