The Research in Flight (RIF) company was established in Auburn, Alabama with the aim of developing new aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analysis tools for aerospace engineering applications. The nucleus of this startup is the FlightStream® numerical flow solver that allows for rapid analysis of flow results over advanced geometries without requiring volume meshes. The FlightStream® solver is versatile and foundational in its ability to work with unstructured surface meshes and have solver run times of only seconds. FlightStream® is in a state of continuous and very active development and is the focus of Research in Flight’s commercial business activities and product lines. Research in Flight offers FlightStream® in the form of software licenses, specialized modules driven by customer needs as well as training, support and services centered around FlightStream®.

During the FlightStream® design process, it was our vision that aerodynamics should not be a difficult-access field of engineering, and that aircraft-design and aerodynamics analysis should be a unified field of work. With current CFD solvers, this is not the case. Most users in industry admit that aircraft designers and aerodynamics are two separate entities. FlightStream® was designed to address this disconnect between these two important arenas.

Since then, RIF has grown from the brainchild of its two founders to a company with several developers and research engineers, driven at its heart into making the aerospace industry aware of the revolutionary capabilities of the FlightStream® flow solver, through development of increasingly advanced tools.

And the future is limitless.

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13785 Research Blvd Suite 125, Austin, TX 78750

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