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FlightStream® is immensely useful for marine applications. The combination of a robust CAD import and meshing capability, coupled with state-of-the-art unstructured mesh , high-speed solver and revolutonary, automated, unstructured wake modeling, make for a powerful analysis tool. You can use FlightStream for modeling underwater vehicles, propeller design and performance analysis, hulls and hull-propeller interference effects, marine biology, off-shore energy and fundamental hydrodynamic studies. We at Research in Flight are proud to support both the marine and offshore technology industry, as well as educators and academic researchers. A few examples of marine applications are shared on this page. Contact us to learn more details about how we use FlightStream® for difference marine applications.

marine propellers

performance analysis. cavitation prediction. wakes.

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FlightStream® allows you to model marine propellers in incredible detail. Import your CAD model directly into FlightStream®, surface mesh it in seconds, and pass it to the solver for a completed run in minutes. FlightStream® allows modeling propellers both in steady mode (using moving reference frames, defined by the user), or in unsteady mode, where the user can bring in components that remain stationary relative to the propellers (such as hulls, rudder, etc.). No volume meshing means that complex gridding setups are not needed. FlightStream® has a revolutionary unstructured wake strand model that allows for no user interaction in their generation, thereby reducing setup time only to the import,  surface meshing of the components and the setup of the flow conditions. FlightStream® is currently being validated for the Potsdam Propeller Test Case (PPTC; shown above), as part of the effort for the International Symposium of Marine Propellers.

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underwater vehicles

autonomous underwater vehicles, submarines & maritime exploration vehicles

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FlightStream® is perfectly suited for analyzing underwater vehicle performance. The combination of incompressible flow, unstructured surfaces meshing, CAD importing capability and incredible solver speeds make FlightStream® the go-to solver for analyzing submerged vehicles. Obtain rapid hydro-dynamic loads and pressure distributions, integrate with structural software, couple with six-DOF motion models and more!

hull design performance

fluid interaction, pressure loads, propeller interference

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FlightStream® allows you to import your hull designs as CAD models, meshes them instantly, and pushes them into the solver for analysis results in seconds, using its fast surface vorticity flow solver. Surface pressure and loads can be evaluated, analyzed, integrated and exported to your analysis pipeline. Couple your hull with the propellers by using our fast unsteady flow solver, to evaluate coupled hydro-dynamic performance and propeller interference effects. All within minutes on a standard workstation or laptop! We at Research in Flight are always excited to share our amazing FlightStream® solver to the marine community.

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