Research in Flight is excited to announce that it has been acquired by Altair.
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AFWERX Awards RIF & Utah State University Hypersonic Contract


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AFWERX has awarded Research in Flight proposal, “A Rapid Aerodynamic Prediction Tool for Maneuvering Hypersonic Air Vehicles”, with a Phase I contract.

Research in Flight is partnered with Utah State University on developing this new hypersonic flow enhancement for its FlightStream® flow solver. This joint proposal is geared towards attaining the desired capability of physics-based methods that are higher fidelity models relative to empirical methods, yet computationally efficient and suitable to the conceptual design phase. The new hypersonic solver is expected to be used by USAF and DoD customers, as well as industry OEM in the emerging hypersonic flight vehicles industry as well as commercial space-launch companies.

The Utah State University partners are being led by Dr. Douglas Hunsaker and his graduate students. The FlightStream® principal investigators include Dr. Vivek Ahuja and Dr. Roy Hartfield. The Phase I activity is expected to finish in February 2023 which will result in the initial prototype solver being developed. In the follow-on Phase II, this capability will be commercialized in the FlightStream® flow solver for industry and academic customers.

Author: Vivek Ahuja