DARcorporation Joins Forces with Research in Flight as FlightStream<sup>®</sup> Reseller


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In a strategic move, DARcorporation has partnered with Research in Flight to become the official reseller of FlightStream®, a state-of-the-art aerodynamics tool. This collaboration is set to be publicly showcased at the upcoming EAA AirVenture event in Oshkosh, in July 2017.

FlightStream® stands out in the realm of aerodynamics software due to its high fidelity and ease of use. It features an integrated meshing tool that allows for effortless surface meshing of CAD models. The software’s unique vorticity-based flow solver, requiring only a surface mesh, delivers precise solutions rapidly, outpacing traditional full volume mesh CFD solvers. Designed for versatility, FlightStream® efficiently models aircraft, propellers, high-lift devices, and jet engine effects. Its user-friendly interface, effective meshing capabilities, and the solver’s robustness make it accessible to designers of varying skill levels, ensuring they can achieve accurate aerodynamic analyses quickly.

What truly sets FlightStream® apart is its proven accuracy. Rigorous validation using peer-reviewed wind tunnel data has been conducted to guarantee its precision and reliability. Comparing FlightStream® outcomes with experimental data across various configurations and flight conditions has robustly validated its solutions.

“Partnering with DARcorporation marks a significant milestone for Research in Flight, as we introduce a new era in numerical aerodynamics to the market,” commented Roy Hartfield, Co-Founder of Research in Flight.

Willem Anemaat, President of DARcorporation, shared, “Initially, we began developing our own high-speed, accurate CFD tool. However, upon evaluating FlightStream®, we recognized its superior capabilities for rapid aerodynamic analysis and design, leading us to become a reseller.”

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(Source: DARcorporation news release.)