Our Flagship Product


FlightStream® is a surface vorticity flow solver designed to allow users to analyze a variery of different flow problems. Applications range from aircraft, to automotive, to turbomachinery, and more! Included with FlightStream are popular toolboxes such as Solver Sweeper, Stability & Control, and API scirpting to provide powerful batch process capabilites.

Integrated Workflow

An all-in-one simulation platform, FlightStream® allows you to manage all steps of the analysis process in one place. Simplifying your workflow and saving you time.

FlightStream is a Team Player

FlightStream® seamlessly integrates with a wide range of CAD/CAE tools, including favorites like NX and SolidWorks, supporting various file formats such as STL, STP, and IGS for versatile import options. It can also handle direct mesh import from tools like Cadence Pointwise® and ANSA as an STL.

Additionally, FlightStream® boasts export capabilities, allowing users to transfer solution resultsTecplot 10, Tecplot 360, ParaView, using the VTK file format.

For those involved in structural analysis, FlightStream® can export detailed aerodynamic force or pressure distributions, ensuring smooth workflow integration with leading software such as Abaqus and MSC Nastran.

FlightStream is a team player

Choose Your Plan

FlightStream® plans to fit any size of team. Choose your perfect fit. Upgrade anytime.

*Only the Enterprise license has access to our Pro Features including the Transonic, Supersonic, & Hypersonic solvers. Be sure to inquiry about adding these to your Enterprise package.

**HPC-compatible (headless) Linux licenses now available!

Hardware Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7, 10, 11 or later (64bit)
  • Free Hard-Disk Space: 100 MB (More space is required to save simulations)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Dual-core processors or better
  • Dedicated graphics card


  • Free Hard-Disk Space: 1 GB (More space may be required to save large simulations)
  • RAM: 32 GB (Higher memory may be needed for large simulations)
  • 8-24 cores for parallel scaling of the solver
  • Nvidia GPU graphics card
  • Integrated graphics chipsets are not recommended.