Research in Flight is proud of the revolutionary new capabilities offered by our flagship software, FlightStream®. We recognize that the ability to analyze fluid flow in seconds is a powerful capability. And certainly, we have developed several toolboxes and automations designed to assist the aerodynamicists, the S&C engineers, the students and the educators. But we aren't done yet!

We offer our services as a development organization to you, the end user, in leveraging the maximum performance from FlightStream®. At Research in Flight, we appreciate that the best judge of your analysis you! So, if you recognize a need for a specialist set of tools to make FlightStream® more efficient for your area of work, or if you see a possibility to fit FlightStream®'s flow solver into your analysis pipeline, then we want to hear from you.

FlightStream® has a modular programming architecture that allows us to "plug-and-play". We can develop wrapper interfaces around the flow solver more catered to your needs. We can develop standalone toolboxes (both commercial and restricted to your organization's use) to add to the list of available toolboxes in FlightStream®. We can also develop interfaces between FlightStream® and any other commercial software, to allow you to pass and receive information from our flow solver i
nto other analysis tools. 

At Research in Flight, our developers have many cumulative decades of coding experience in flow solvers, commercial CFD, and the creation of advanced user-interfaces. Our delivery schedules are aggressive! And we have a flow solver that is revolutionary. Add that up and you get a winner!

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Customized tools to deliver the specific input and output your work needs

Automation of workflows, customized wrapper interfaces and more

A dedicated development team, aggressive delivery schedules and modular programming


We at Research in Flight are completely committed to ensuring that you, the FlightStream® user, have a learning curve that is flat, and that you are up and running with our flow solver quickly within the context of your work. We want you doing what you do best. And we are here to help. Research in Flight has a dedicated team of engineers and application experts who can provide application-specific, general usage and theoretical training on all aspects of our software and toolboxes. And while we offer substantial training and resources to you when you are first introduced to FlightStream®, it doesn't have to stop there. We can offer extended training sessions, hands-on application training services, formal training sources, webinars and more. Anything your organization needs to leverage the best performance out of our software, we are happy to provide.

Our training programs also come in varied flavors. We recognize that if you are an educator, your needs are different from that of a student working on a student project. Similarly, if you are a field engineer working on building the next flying revolution, your needs are more specific to the application at hand. And if you are a research scientist, perhaps your needs extend even more into the theoretical matters behind FlightStream® than what is needed to execute the solver. Our training services are catered to each of these scenarios.

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